This dogshow is not arranged by the Norwegian Kennel Club. This event is made by and hosted by volunteers who wants to help the Norwegian Kennel Club by donating the entry fees to them.

1. Entires

1.1 Unvalid entries
The entry are unvalid if the entry fee are not paid before the deadline, if the information about the dog is incorrect or missing, or the photo of the dog is not according to the rules listed below. We will allways try to ask for new pictures, information etc. But it might be difficult to catch all.

1.2 Entry confirmation
When your entry and payment is registerd we will send you an email. If you dont get one within 24h please email us.

1.3 The photo of the dog
The photo of the dog must be taken in stacked position and from the side.The handler must not be recognisable. If you do not own the photograph the photographer should be credited by watermark. The name of the dog must not be visible on the photo. Your dog must be of the same age on the photo as the class it’s entered to. The dog must be owned or partly owned by you. The photo must be as netrual as possible, no BIS/BOG photos, nor photos with judges etc.
These rules does not apply to NOX-dogs

1.4 Classes
Puppies, 4-6 months and 6-9 months
Junior, 9-18 months
Intermediate, 15-24 months
Open, from 18 months
Working, dogs who have working class certificate
Champion, dogs who are champion in one or more FCI-countries
Veteran, from 8 years.
NOX dogs do not need to enter a class.

1.5 Deadline
The entry deadline is May 15th at midnight


2. Judging

2.1 Winners and placements
For each breed the judges will pick out their Best of breed, best of sex, best junior and best veteran. Puppies will only have BOB/BOS.
The NOX group will have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

BOB puppies will compete in Best in show puppy.
BOB adults will compete in FCI group finals, the winner goes through to Best in Show.
Best junior in each breed will compete in BIS junior.
Best veteran in each breed will compete in BIS veteran.

All winners will be announced on the website and contacted.

2.2 Schedual
The show will happen between April 29th and May 20th

Breed judging from May 13th to May 17th
Groups and BIS from May 18th to May 20th

2.3 The judging
The judges will pick out their favourites in each breed. BOB/BOS puppy and adult, best junior and best veteran.
All winners in each breed will go through to the finals.
The winners will be published on the webpage and the winners will be contacted.

This event can NOT be compared to a regular dog show. The judges will only be judging your dog from a picture and will not be able to judge the quality of movement, temperament, coat quality and condition.

3. Ethical guidelines

3.1 Cheating
Photoshop is not allowed. Some editing is allowed, but not to the extent that it changes your dogs looks or color.

3.2 Complaints
If you have any complaints contact us by e-mail (

3.3 General behaviour
It is not allowed in any way or form to complain about the judges desicion or judging.
Other than that, be kind and take care of each other.




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